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Small shipment of JDM parts arrived!
Posted by Ray on 2/26/2013 to Parts
Here's a list of what just came in:

78896-35F60    ALMIGHTY EMBLEM
21475-81T00    R33 FAN SHROUD
85230-60F00    180SX LWR MET FINISHER
13270-58S11    RB VC GASKET
13270-58S01    RB VC GASKET
21010-24U27    RB N1 WATER PUMP
84895-AL500    SKYLINE G35S EMBLEM
84896-AL504    350GT EMBLEM
A0101-04U2F   RB20 GASKET KIT
26122-80F25    FR FOG DELETE
26127-80F25    FR FOG DELETE

Limited quantities of SSR wheels in stock!!! No need to wait 3 months!!!
Posted by Ray on 2/12/2013 to Parts

SSR just got some of these wheels in stock here in the US but in limited quantities:

18x9.5 +25 HP 5/114.3 SPECTRUM 
MSRP $930/each
18x10.5 +18 NR 5/114.3 SPECTRUM 
MSRP $950/each
19X9.5 +25 HP 5/114.3 TITAN SILVER
MSRP $920/each
19X10.5 +30 NR 5/114.3 TITAN SILVER
MSRP $960/each
20X9.5 +25 HP 5/114.3 BLACK 
MSRP $1040/each
20X10.5 +30 SL 5/114.3 BLACK 
MSRP $1080/each
20X9.5 +12 HP 5/114.3 SBC 
MSRP $1140/each
20X11.0 +11 NR 5/114.3 SBC 
MSRP $1200/each

19X9.5 +25 HP 5/114.3 SILVER 
MSRP $920/each
19X10.5 +18 NR 5/114.3 SILVER 
MSRP $940/each

18X9.0 +32 5/114.3 F. BLACK 
MSRP $570/each
18x10.5 +25 5/114.3 F. BLACK 
MSRP $600/each
19X9.5 +22 5/114.3 SILVER 
MSRP $690/each
19X10.5 +15 5/114.3 SILVER 
MSRP $710/each

Email me for pricing and availability
Posted by Ray on 2/11/2013 to Parts

Add function to the thrill of the JUKE!

JUKE Armrest:
Add more front storage to your JUKE with this leather-appointed or cloth-appointed
Wide and comfortable for driver or front-passenger use
Complements the leather interior of JUKE SL and also in cloth for JUKE S and SV

Get your JDM lighting on for your Fairlady 300zx!!!
Posted by Ray on 2/7/2013 to Parts

Just arrived are a few rare items we don't usually come across. The JDM Xenon headlights and JDM clear tail lights for the 300zx are not only visually stunning, they also provide better lighting giving you more visibility on the road.

Order them now... stocks are limited:

Our Parts Department
Posted by Ray on 2/5/2013 to Videos
Here's a quick tour of our parts department. 

Posted by Ray on 1/28/2013 to Parts

Check out our accessories page for newly added accessories for your 2013 Nissan Sentra. We guarantee the lowest price online:

GT-R man is back!
Posted by Ray on 1/16/2013 to Random Pictures
Order your GT-R Jacket now by clicking at our apparel category...

GT-R Jackets are now available for purchase at our apparel page. Simply click on "APPAREL" at categories on the left side of our page or click here:

*creds to Fonzy rocking the jacket
RIP Marco Simoncelli
Posted by Ruben on 10/26/2011
Very Sad day in the Moto industry on Sunday.

Sad day it was in Moto GP on Sunday the 23rd of October. Moto GP star Marco Simoncelli died in a fatal accident during the 2nd lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix in the Moto GP series. After slipping off on the zebra, Marco's motorcycle steered him back into the race which followed a crash with Colin Edwards and one of his good friends Valentino Rossi . He suffered from severe head trauma and bodily injuries which led to his death.The horrific accident left thousands sad and devastated that such a great rider had to leave us so early at the age of 24.

I hope that we can all learn that life is very short and you will never know what will happen. Live life to the fullest and remember to cherish your life day by day.

Here at The Nismo Shop, we send our regards for Marco's loved ones. You will be missed.

R.I.P Marco Simoncelli, rider for Honda Gresini Team

 Random Pictures

 Nismo parts back in stock!
 Small shipment of JDM parts arrived!
 Limited quantities of SSR wheels in stock!!! No need to wait 3 months!!!
 Get your JDM lighting on for your Fairlady 300zx!!!
 Our Parts Department
 JDM parts back in stock!
 GT-R man is back!
 RIP Marco Simoncelli

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