Nissan factory OEM Long Life RADIATOR Antifreeze / Coolant

Nissan factory OEM Long Life RADIATOR Antifreeze / Coolant

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Concentrate (Green)
50/50 diluted (Blue) [+$3.00]
Sold in a 1 gallon (3.78 L) bottle.

Genuine Nissan radiator coolant (L248SP) has advanced formulation for aluminum and cast iron engine parts. This Nissan radiator  contains no amines, no silicates, which may harm water pump seals, or borates that may cause aluminum corrosion and pitting which would cause your radiator to malfunction quicker.

The genuine Nissan radiator coolant is a 100% concentrated product which means it should be diluted to a 50/50 ratio. This mixture ratio ensures maximum cooling system efficiency and excellent corrosion protection for your radiator.

The pre-diluted one gallon container is already a 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water mix. Do not add additional water when using pre-diluted Blue LLC

Additional Information for using Blue LLC
Blue LLC and Green-colored Nissan LLC (P/N 999MP-AF000P) are compatible with each other:

Blue can be mixed / added with Green

Green can be mixed / added with Blue

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LLC must always be used with demineralized or distilled water, otherwise the life expectancy of the LLC (Blue or Green) will be degraded and cooling system damage may occur.

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